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About us


Ever since the early 1990s, decades of musical experience in concerts and on stages worldwide and a personal mission to spread music as a vehicle of global freedom of expression led internationally renowned guitarist Franco Mussida (PFM) to head up a team of professionals from the CPM Centro Professione Musica in the development of didactic works that were revolutionary in both their conception and their approach. From the 1994 Guitar Video Course published with Fabbri Editore, designed to be sold in newsstands, to the 1996 course for Singing (always with Fabbri Editore), from the first multimedia CD-ROM to the application of these same technologies as educational aids with the birth of the Guitar Encyclopedia (2004), the first interactive software capable of integrating a wide variety of contents and progressive courses of study created and produced in collaboration with a team from the Centro Professione Musica (CPM).
It was precisely at the beginning of 2004 when a true publishing department was born with a view to experimenting and developing innovations, but above all for sharing our passion for playing and creating music.
A national distribution network in Italy soon followed, making its initial and totally innovative breakthrough in major retail chains like Mediaworld and in bookstores chains (Feltrinelli Libri e Musica and Hoepli).  Now there is a web site dedicated to customer service and sales.
We are continuing in our work,  to allow everyone the opportunity to experience the excitement of discovering music day by day - music that becomes more and more wonderful,  more and more interesting, more and more our own, …until each of us can entertain both ourselves and others with a musical instrument in our hands.